Square One


There are certain assumptions that will influence what I post on this blog:

There is a God.

He loves us in spite of us not really giving Him much of a reason to.  Jesus Christ is God’s Word incarnate.  After revealing to us what he wanted us to know and do, Christ established His Church to guard His Truth so it could be shared through the generations until He returned.

He gave Peter the keys.  So to follow the Catholic Church is to follow Christ.  As the Catholic Church was created by God and not man, it is the ultimate “trump card.”  Our goal is not to conform its teachings to us, but to conform ourselves to its teachings.  We do not seek to change it, but to understand it.   The bible (including the books Luther threw out because they were “inconvenient”) is the inspired Word of God, assembled by the Church and entrusted to Her as its interpreter.

Our lives on Earth are like our time in the womb – a brief stage on the journey to eternity.  There is a heaven and a hell and everything we do on Earth should be guided by the desire to attain the former along with as many people as we can take with us.

One of the great tragedies of our time is our having “taken our eyes off the ball.”  We are focused on our brief time on Earth rather than our eternal time to come.  It’s time to get our eyes back on the ball.

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