An Amazing Time To Be Catholic!

Posted on February 10, 2010


…And an amazing opportunity to help build His kingdom.  Recently I was privileged to join Fr. Z motoring about KC and the surrounding area.  One of our stops happened to be the National Catholic Distort… er uh, Reporter where I shot this photo.

Fr. Z, being the yukmeister he is, posted it on his blog.  Not long after that, Jack Smith at the Catholic Key blog, posted Fr. Z’s post.  Not long after that, someone came up to Fr. Z and commented with a smile, “I understand you might be looking into some local real estate.”  All within a matter of hours.  These are indeed remarkable times with remarkable opportunities.  May we use them well and for the greater good.

There was a time when my reading consisted of a stack of Catholic papers and magazines.  Now much of it is online at blogs and news services.  What about you?

Two polls:

(Note that this is not a random sample and is obviously skewed by those who frequent blogs.)