Posted on December 13, 2009

UPDATE: 12/29/09 PM.

Nominations and comments are closed and polls are open.

The 2009 CINO (Catholic In Name Only) Award Nominations are now open.  Due to the sheer volume of possibilities, the 2009 CINO awards will be limited to elected officials in the United States, given their unique ability to affect and influence our lives.  (I certainly encourage folks in others countries to start their own CINO awards.)

The purpose of this exercise is NOT to place ourselves in judgment of others, but rather as observers of behavior within the context of Catholic teaching as set forth in the Catechism.  There is only one ultimate Judge and we are not Him.  Please act accordingly and in charity.

That said, politicians who refer to themselves as Catholic assume responsibility for all that entails.  To not live up to those responsibilities causes confusion and scandal to others and puts souls in jeopardy.  They must either live up to their responsibilities as Catholics or stop referring to themselves publicly as Catholics.  If they have questions regarding what those responsibilities are, they have a bishop who will be more than happy to help.

Meanwhile, the 2009 CINO Awards will try to identify those politicians who are presently struggling with these responsibilities, so that the rest of us might not be led astray by their example.

Please submit your nominations below, along with a short description of why this person deserves consideration.  A nominee who puts up big numbers of lapses and is consistent and obstinate in his or her defiance of Church teaching carries a lot of weight with the committee but bold, stunning, jaw-dropping offenses are also worth noting.

UPDATE: 12/14/09 PM.

I regret that I was forced to remove or edit several of the comments below.  I also removed several comments that by themselves were fine and in fact charitable responses to those who deviated from the purpose of this exercise.  I appreciate those efforts but felt it best to remove them as well as they would only make people wonder what they missed.  I also understand the passion in play here.  However, let us avoid personal attacks, pray for our bishops and priests who must shepherd us against a powerful current and pray for these nominees and help guide them home by our example.