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December 7, 2010


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December 7, 2010


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A Chance To Visit Our History

November 14, 2010



We are the product of our history.  And when we allow ourselves to lose touch with our history, we lose a part of ourselves.  If we want to know how we arrived where we are or became who we are, we need to look at our history. This is certainly true with Catholic liturgy and […]

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Are Immigration Raids At Mass Next?

October 31, 2010


ice raid

There is an excellent series of articles at The Catholic Key concerning a recent “tavern check” in Kansas City. For those unfamiliar, a tavern check is when police visit a night spot and check IDs to make sure there are not under-age drinkers, etc.. Last week a large group of officers conducted a tavern check […]

What If Juan Williams Said…

October 22, 2010


Juan Williams

By now just about everyone has heard the story about Juan Williams being canned by NPR for comments made on FOX News.  In fact, even the Chilean miners have heard the story and they really WERE living under a rock.  But as a refresher… Juan Williams was a “news analyst” for NPR.  He was fired […]

Great News From Kansas

October 15, 2010



From Operation Rescue: Pro-Life Victory: KS Supreme Court Allows Planned Parenthood Criminal Case To Go Forward October 15, 2010 Topeka, Kansas – The Kansas Supreme Court ruled today that the mammoth 107-count criminal case against Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri may move forward and remanded the case back down to the Johnson County District […]

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